My Belated thoughts on the E3 2013 Press conference


Edit: fixed my title form 2012 to 2013, that what I get for rushing things.

Hey guys killatia here. Sorry I’m a little late for this but the place I’m staying at has no wi-fi so that makes me a sad panda. Anyways just wanted to give you my quick thoughts about all of the E3 press conferences that happen yesterday.



i’ll give MS this this was an improvement over there fiasco of a reveal last month as they talked about the games and nothing else. Halo 5 has announce, Dead Rising 3 looks great, and Titan Falls looks like a great exclusive for the Xbox 1. Plus the reveal of Killer instinct was a great surprise. However with there craptastic DRM in place as well as a $499 price tag iI do not see the Xbox One being a success when it first lunches.Maybe if the games are cheap and drm is removed later on but not now



Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, that was a surprise for me, but I do like this take on the 3rd person shooter genre. New Need for Speed game for Xbox One as well as a new movie was also the highlight for me. While EA did talk a lot about there sports game I did see from it that the developers for these games do take there work seriously, And of course Battlefield 4 with 64-players on stage for the game. Oh Almost forgot about the new Star Wars Battlefront game.

The only think I hate that they kept hammering that these games are only for Xbox One and PS4. We get it you hate the WiiU EA get over it.


Rayman Legends and Watchdogs makes there return to E3 as well as a few news games annouced this year. The Crew while cool looking reminds me too much of Need for Speed, but Epic Loot looks like a great Diablo like rpg that’s also free to play, There’s also a Rabbits  TV series in development with “interactive tv”, but I can quickly see the interactive part being drop soon as you need an Xbox One for it to work.

The bad thing about Ubisoft is the new Tom Clancy game that was announce, and I felt uninterested in the game when they showed the trailer. Also the swag they gave out this year was not as good as last year.


They won E3 this years hands down just by saying that there will be no DRM on any retail ps4 games as well as a $399 price tag.99% of the games they showed off ranged from good to great and there not a bad moment in this conference…. until they showed off Destiny.

Don’t get me wrong Bungie are a great development team and they do know how to make a great game, but Destiny feels like Halo without the Halo mixed in with rpg elements. I do want to see more of Destiny just to see if it can improve from hear on out.


Nintendo basic beat the Xbox One for second place, and they don’t even have a press conference this year. That gotta tell you how much fail MS is this year. Also the new Smash Brothers for the WiiU and 3DS will have MegaMan as a playable character. Finally Capcom does something right with the blue bomber for the first time in years


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