Gaming Soon Special/rant: NO TO XBOX ONE

[starrater tpl=10]

Yes we know there is alot of problems with the Xbox One we coudl take about, but you know what we wont do that. Why? Because of Microsoft’s decision to prevent gamers from sharing there games with friends just to prevent Gamestop from selling used Xbox One game.

Thanks for my friend Huskobon for joining us in this rant, I just wish we could have a better view on this console then we do.

News about the lack of sharing games:

After the recording of the rant Microsoft try to do damage control by saying that you can play on a friends Xbox One, just under YOUR ACCOUNT and not there. Sorry MS but I have say this; THATS NOT THE SAME THING AS SHARING YOUR GAMES WITH FRIENDS!

Also Gamestop went out of there way to assure gamers they they will be able to sell/trade there used Xbox One games:

Nice gesture Gamestop but its Microsoft that needs to do the damage control and not you.

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