Want to help Stop SOPA and PIPA?

Then join the League of Gamers!
Who are the League of Gamers you ask? Heres the Explanation from there Website:
League For Gamers was founded by Red 5 Studios and Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5 Studios, who serves as LFG’s President. League For Gamers (LFG) was created on January 14, 2012 in order to give gamers, as well as developers, a voice in Washington and an organization that would serve and foster the interest and e-sport of video gamers and our favorite pastime as played on PC/Mac, mobile and console platforms.


Red 5 Studios is LFG’s first developer member, and Mark Kern is it’s first gamer member. Red 5 Studios is a small developer/publisher located in Laguna Hills, CA, and is developing a game called Firefall, a free to play, massive online shooter. Mark Kern is Red 5 Studios CEO and Chief Creative Officer and founder of LFG. Mark Kern has worked on many commercial games, including as Team Lead on the original (vanilla) World of Warcraft, and as Producer on titles such as Diablo II and Starcraft. While not a practicing attorney, Mark Kern is a graduate of Boston University School of Law, specializing in intellectual property law, and a founding member of the world’s first electronic only law journal, The Journal of Science and Technology Law.

LFG also happens to stand for the online gamer term “Looking for Group” which encompasses LFG’s lifelong mission to gather gamers and developers together in a mission to promote games in a positive way, spread the passion of gaming, and protect gaming interests in politics. LFG’s most recent goal is the opposition of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP), which LFG feels is misguided and overbearing legislation which would not only fail to protect IP rights for developers, but would also have a chilling effect on free speech, live streaming, e-Sports, gaming innovation and user created content.

Please join us!
So if you want to help stop SOPA and PIPA go onahead and join. There is Strength in numbers! 


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