Killatia is now on

If you guys are not on my Facebook friends list then I’ll you the big news on here. Today after email exchanges and a couple of phone calls I am now an official video contributor for the popular gaming website

This is very good and big news for me as now I feel like I am finally getting recognition after 3 years of video games reviews. I have always strived for quality in my works and now its paying off.

You’re probably wondering what will change now that I am a part of GotGame? Honestly not much really, I’ll still be making video and posting then online as they come. The only real difference is that I’ll be making new episodes in my main series, Gaming With Killatia, a timed Gotgame exclusive for a few weeks. Other videos that I’ll be making like x in 5 seconds or the on/off series Collectors Edition will still be post on Magicink Gaming.

My own page on GotGame can be found by Clicking Here. I have already post 6 of my older reviews on there with a brand new review coming within a week. I would like to thank you all for your support over these last 3 years and I hope to have your continued support as I move forther in my internet gaming reviews.


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