My quick 2 cents on PS Vita

I give it to Sony that they make great hardware and the PS Vits is another example of it, but however I am not sold by it yet. It dosen’t matter how how good your gaming platform is unless you have the games to show it off and that where I think Sony didn’t do a good job at.

Now grated I do enjoy the Unchatred games and Street Fighter x Tekken Looks sweet on the Vita but Sony needs to announce more games for the handheld to compete against future 3DS games like Starfox 64 3D, Zelda OOT 3D., Super Mario 3d, and so on. 

I was, however surprised by the Vita’s price. Its will be $249.99 for the base model and $299.99 for the G3 model. I think the G3 one is point of pointless (plus its bound to AT&T’S crappy G3 network) but sony still manage to compete against the 3DS in terms of price

Overall: Good hardware and good price but needs more games for the system and a G3 model was pointless.

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