A little update.

First let me apologies for lack of any new videos for the past week or so. My day job as been giving me more hours then I can shake a stick at so that is partly the reason why I haven’t gotten to do a new Gaming with Killatia or Collectors Edition. This is one of the reasons why I have started to be doing weekly live streaming so I can atlease give the visitors to the site something to watch. Plus I am enjoying doing live streaming so thats another reason to do them on a weekly basis. 

So when is a new Gaming with Killatia coming? If everything goes to plans the first week of September. What about Collectors Edition? Im not sure on that as I have to cut down my spendings on games to pay some bills. However I will get a new one up soon. 

And to end this little update a reminder of my live streaming this Friday at 9pm eastern standard time. If you ever there the last streaming then you would know that we will be playing the original Somic game for the Genesis (or Mega Drive for gamers outside the usa). Hope to catch you all there.

Anyways Killatia sining off!

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