Blurrypron’s Final Review: The Adventures of Mighty Max

I like these guys. Both Mike and Ducky has passion for gaming and there videos, like this video review of Mighty Max for the Sega Genesis, show its. And from my experience with these guys they’re great people to know. Do yourselves a favor and head over to there webisite, Blurrypron , and watch more of there videos, join there forums and tell them Killatia sent ya.


Also since I doin’t want to do multiple blog post unless I need to Im gonna tell you guys the next few games Im gonna be doing:

Gaming with Killatia: 


Yoshi’s cookie

Tetris Attack (which stars Yoshi, and yes I do notice the pattern)

And for Collecotrs Edition:

Splinter Cell Convention 

Anyways catch you guys later

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