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Hey guys Killatia here:

Some of you guy maybe wondering what I have been up to since my last Gaming with Killatia video and was probably wondering where the single-player part of Battlefield Bad Company 2 is. Well here’s the bad news, the captured video file got corrupted. Not sure if it got bad during the capturing or during thr editing but most of the single player footage is unusable. And frankly I don’t have the will to replay all of single player.

Now don;t get me wrong here fellow website viewers, I enjoyed the Bad Company 2 single player campaign, but when it said as done if I had gotten the game just for that it would have felt like I wasted $60. You see the Battlefield games was NEVER about the offline experience, that feature was only a recent development into the franchise starting with the first Bad Company game. Instead Dice and Ea developed the Battlefield franchise from the ground up just for the online multiplayer, and none of the Battlefield games had fall in that aspect.

Now I can keep going on about Battlefield for the entire blog post but I’m going to end it with a rating:

Battlefield Bad Company 2 raiting:

Single player: C

Multiplayer: A

Overall: B

Now for some good news:

I will be uploading A new collectors edition this week, and everything goes to plan it will e a 2 for 1 special.

Also, unless something catches my interest on the current gen consoles the next few Gaming with Killatia will be focusing on retro games. I have a lot of goodies in my retro collection and I want to be able to talk about these games soon. 

Anways thank you fellow web surfers for reading this blog post and hope to see you guys come back to the site.

Also a special thanks to Arron of ARProduction for posting videos in my absents, you are a great helkp to the site man.

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