Battlefield Bad company 2 midnight launch adventure

Man talk about a pain to upload, tried 3 times and stailled on me at like 95%. I had to downgrade from 720p to sd resolution just to not have mu uploads stalled. Anyways……

MY log of my journey to get Battlefield Bad Company 2 at midnight on Monday march first. As far as midnight launches are consider this was disappointing up until the last 15 minutes. Still this game will be a blast to play

One thought on “Battlefield Bad company 2 midnight launch adventure”

  1. 15 sec comment time.Vaccuming is EPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!Ooooh Toys be Us, let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s GOHHH!!( *tongue out* ) stalker cam- look a chickeeeew Micky-D’s ….grossssssssssssss.Shoulda hung with me a bit longer then hm? JK, I was distracted by my cat after you signed off

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