One thought on “Most viewed video of 2009: Street Fighter 4 Fight Pad”

  1. *chants "wireless, wireless, wireless" then sarts laughing* ok I’ll stop being an idiot now *sits quietly for 2.5 sconds* ok, I fail so hard right now– I’m too worked up….I miss my games, I can’t find Zelda but I found Mario and then bowser threw me, I hit the wall and then dad wanted help so I had to stop.that controler looks cool, but I only have wii (some dude took my Twilight Princess and won’t remeber to give it back), N 64 (only one game or the other), ds (my dogs hate me), psp (which I lost), pc (Sims only) and ipod (which sucks for gaming). BUT I MOVE ON TO MY POINT….nice vid Kill

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