Game Core Convention 2009 Interview With the Creator.

Today I have a special treat as I got to interview to a man name Paul, the mind behind the up coming gaming convention Game Core! Come and readit after the jump and see that he has plans for the convention on Sept. 12!

Killatia: hey Paul

Paul: whats up man

Killatia: I’m doing good how have you been?

Paul: I’ve been good

Paul: you?

Killatia: been good myself. So tell how did Game Core started?

Paul: Well it comes from the Too Many Games Convention (TMG) which itself came from the East Coast Gaming Expo (ECGXPO)

Paul: before our last TMG event my partner Chuck Whitby told me he was going to take some time off to pursue other ventures and I was free to keep going but wanted the TMG name

Paul: and so Game Core was born

Killatia: and how long has the convention itself lasted?

Killatia: i mean since it began as EXGXPO

Paul: its been around for the last 6 years

Killatia: Sound like it been going well. How many people had attend the convention each year on an average?

Paul: 1000-1500

Killatia: good numbers i must say. So what will Game core have to offer that Too Many Games didn’t?

Paul: Documentary Screenings, Large scale tabletop gaming tournaments, the Geek Cars, Big Name Music Acts, Dreamcast 10th birthday event

Paul: oh and White Wolf Panels

Killatia: Nice, I’d definitely have to check out the Dreamcast’s 10th birthday event, that system died too soon

Paul: I agree

Paul: we are gonna sing happy birthday and give out cupcakes

Paul: Also we are going to have tournaments all day on 2 Dreamcast Store Kiosks

Killatia: And what games would be playing on the Dreamcast?

Paul: Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Powerstone, Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Killatia: A great selection of games. What other gaming tournaments are there gonna be at Game Core?

Paul: Well the main tournament would be the Guitar Hero 5 event sponsored by Sam Ash where the winner will walk away with a REAL GUITAR and AMP PACKAGE

Killatia: wow

Paul: We will also be doing Goldeneye 007, Sega Saturn Bomberman, and Wii Punchout

Paul: Pocono Arcade will also be holding a Guitar Hero Drumming event

Paul: There will be cash Halo 3 and Super Smash Brothers events

Paul: There will also be other fighting tournaments such as Virtual Fighter 5

Killatia: Any chance of a BlazBlue tournament?

Paul: On the non plugged in front we will be having 4 Magic The Gathering Tournaments and a Yu Gi Oh tournament

Paul: I don’t think so sorry man

Killatia: Its okay, never hurts to ask

Paul: yeah

Killatia: I’m looking at the website right and I notice the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies and K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider will also be at the convention. Was it difficult to get those two cars at the convention?

Paul: Well the Delorean isn’t actually from the movies. It is a fans car with replica parts

Killatia: ahh

Paul: K.I.T.T. I am not sure of the origins.

Paul: It took some doing but I am very happy to have them there.

Killatia: And I’m sure the fans will be grateful to see the cars at Game Core

Paul: I would think so

Killatia: I also see that a new Atari 2600 game will be making a debut at Game Core. Mind telling us a bit about Shield Shifter?

Paul: Shield Shifter is a game from Good Deal Games Homebrew Heaven.

Paul: It is a 2 player game that looks really fun.

Paul: I actually haven’t played it yet but by the video on the website it looks amazing.

(Note: you can finde the video at Game Core’s website.)

Paul: We love having new game releases for classic systems at our events.

Killatia: I do have to say that looking at the video makes the game look sweet. I’ll defenitly have to check it out

Paul: Do you plan on buying one?

Killatia: Unfortunately i don’t have a 2600.

Paul: Well you can buy one at Game Core

Killatia: I’ll keeps my eyes peeled for one there

Killatia: Anyways any special guest stars coming to Game Core?

Paul: There will be many

Paul: As of right now there isn’t anyone I can think of

Killatia: Okay. So how long will Game Core last on Sept. 12?

Paul: From 10am (9am for the VIP Pre Reg) till around 8pm

Killatia: Sounds like a fill days fun to me.

Paul: I think you are correct sir

Killatia: Yahoo! Do i get a prize for being correct?

Paul: haha maybe you will win a door prize =)

Killatia: Ohh whats the door prize?

Paul: Oh there is a bunch of stuff

Paul: They will be on display at the show

Paul: still finalizing some stuff.

Killatia: Well that’s sounds pretty sweet to me

Paul: I am very excited

Killatia: Rightfully so

Killatia: I think I have enough information for the interview, would you like to add anything else Paul?

Paul: Just that everyone should know if you pre reg on the website you can save 2.00 on admission.

Killatia: Sounds like a good deal to me for a whole day of gaming fun.

Paul: and music

Killatia: oh yes the music, how many bands are there going to be there?

Paul: 10

Killatia: And they are all gonna remixes of popular video game tunes am I right?

Paul: well not exactly

Paul: Our headliners are major Nerdcore Rappers MC Lars and YT Cracker.

Paul: Nerdcore is kinda like hip hop that uses video game samples and they rap about video games and nerd culture

Paul: there are gonna be some other acts like gonna get got who is a good mix of punk and hip hop. He used to be signed to mindless self indulgences label in a previous group The O

Paul: armadillo tank plays video game music

Kllatia: That’s great, always good to hear something new

Paul: yeah

Paul: its a good mix of groups

Killatia: anything else you would like to mention Paul?

Paul: I think that’s it man

Killatia: Well thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview

Paul: No problem man Hope to see you at the show!

Killatia: Well I will do my best to get there

Paul: awesome!

Killatia: I wish you a good and safe evening

Paul: you to man see ya!


Don’t forget to check out Game Core’s website!

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