Game Core Convention 2009.

Ever heard of Game Core? You might think its new but its not. Its actually an rvolved version of another convention that has been in Philadelphia for years first under the name East Coast Gaming Expo, then later changed to Too Many Games, and now Game Core.

From the looks of this “first” Game Core Convention is gonna be good. It’ll have plenty of game tournaments, gutest apperances like the Angry Video Game nerd, and automobile celeberties K.I.T.T. from Knight Riders and the delorean!

Now theres two reasons why im brining this convention up:

1.) Why aren’t there anything like this in Flroida?

2.) Magicink Gaming actually got invited to cover the event from the convention creator himself Paul Truitt!

Will we be there on September 12? We don’t know, there’s somethings on our end that we would need to take care of first. Even if none of us went to Came Core it was an honer to be asked to cover the convention; it felt like we were finally getting reconised for our hard work on this website. That being said if you live in Philadelphia GO TO GAME CORE SEPTEMBER 12! I am sure you will have a great time there.

And what if one of us goes there? We will be sure to get plent of video, photos, swags, and an interview or two while we’re there!

Visit the Game Core website:

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