Magic Ink Gaming classic: Vampire Nights

In this episode of Magic Ink Reviews, we review Vampire Nights for the PS2. This game, born into the unforgiving sun, is one of Namco’s many failed attempts at a rail shooter. Get ready for some horrible voice acting in this “treasure”. Vampires, hunters and kidnap victims await you in today’s episode!


And thats about it for the classic magic ink gaming reviews. If El Errico come back to reviewing games I’ll let you know.

One thought on “Magic Ink Gaming classic: Vampire Nights”

  1. I hate this game. So. So. Much. The guy said it was a vampire game, I loooove vampires so, I took the game and… I passed out, from boredom, listening to them speak– and the "vampires" were very clearly. ZOMBIES! I hate zombies- except the "Thriller" zombies; those guys are cool with me.

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