2 thoughts on “gaming with killatia: BlazBlue”

  1. Serial note:This game looks cool, but I don’t like fighters so much. I’m more of a serial-killer of virtual people…. But I will buy this for my cuz, he looooves ’em.Less-serial note:Hahaha, they won’t get laid- yes, I damn them to the fate of no sex. Am I damned to the same fate for saying that? ….Nahhh.LOL. I’m bored now.

  2. Hey my name appeared in the video! :DOkay seriously, not a bad review, and some of the stuff I can definitely agree on with you on this game. BUT! I retract my statement where I said Haku-men is the cheapest character. That title EASILY goes to Jin-Kisiragi. That son of a…ARRGH! Anyway…good review, you’ve definitely gotten better about speaking.

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