Collectors Edition Fallout 3

The thrid episode of Collectors Edition :P!

In this episode of Collectors Editionkillatia taks a look at how awesome the Fallout 3 collectors editon is1

One thought on “Collectors Edition Fallout 3”

  1. *has my head buried in my sleeve as I laugh uncontrolably at the bobblehead thing.. looks up like I’m going to say something but then starts laughing again. I start to roll over but- I’m an inch away from the bed’s edge and fall flat on my back. Starts laughing in a higher pitch because of my pain, holding my ribcage as I run out of oxygen* ohhh…. Ohkay ohhhkaaaay. *forces myself to stop laughing* I’m sorry…. I was laughing at the luncbox(Good vid. I’m kinda silly atm b/c I want a soda sooo so bad)

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