Quick look at what happened at Microsofts e3 press confrence.

Even though work got in the way of me seeing live webfeeds of the press confrence i did manage to see articles on what went down with microsoft. Here’s what I’ve gathered.







Secret of monkey Island remake on xbox 360 and pc

Aparrently a wiiware version is also coming out.

2. Three singers allowed in Rock Band Bettles.

Honestly not impressed by this one.

3.)Left For Dead 2 in November, takes place in south.







I hope they have more maps to play on this time around.

4.) Crackdown 2 Announced.

Sweet, everyone was waiting for this to happened.

5.) Metal Gear Rising for the 360!









Not exactly MSG 4 but close enough.

6.) Halo Reach anounced.









This looks to be a prequal to the hit franicse. Coming out in 2010.

Theres a few more stuff that was in the confrence, like FF 13 footage from the 360 verison, but I think I got most of the major stuff in here.

BTW with work free tomowwor I’ll be sure to watch Nintendo’s and sony’s confrence live from a webfeed.

Source: Destructoid and Gamespy

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