Welcome to Magic Ink Reviews!

Welcome to Magic Ink Reviews! I have a few things that I want to go over, and I figure it might be best to post it here for future reference, and for eventual archives. For the most part, this is mostly because we’re dragging our feet, and I want to feel productive.

First and foremost, Magic Ink Reviews is more about reviewing just about everything. While the focus will be largely on imports for a while, there’s any number of games we’ll review when we have the time and money. Look forward to our first handful of reviews in the near future. Specifically, The Game of Life (trust me, it’s way more funnier than it sounds), and first-release WiiWare game, My Life as a King.

Second, this will be a slowly evolving show. We’ve all got lives and things to do, so we can’t really put a deadline on anything. Mostly because this just isn’t nearly as important as jobs, friends and family, so don’t expect us to give accurate dates. More like general guesstimates.

In case you’re wondering, you can probably look forward to the first handful of reviews in the next month or two.

As for what else we’re doing, well, that’s top secret. Hush hush!

Anyway, I’ll explain who I am, now. Perhaps the others will follow up.

My name’s Eric Malone, but most call me El Erico, or Erico for short. It’s a long story, so perhaps that’s for another post. Currently, I’m unemployed, but hoping to change that soon. In the meanwhile, I’ll be doing these reviews and working on them with the other two. Look forward to hearing my voice, as I’ll be doing the general description and narration of the actual reviews, as well as offering my thoughts and opinions on the games in question.

I’ll also be the typing man of Magic Ink. If it’s got poor grammar and bad spelling, it’s probably the other two, but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum, if I can help it.

See ya soon!

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